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November 13, 2004



The bathtub of my house in Tokyo began to speak a few years ago. Different from western people, most Japanese use a bathtub full of hot water. So, we have to fill it up with hot water before we take a bath everyday. It was a lot of hard work a few dacades ago; they had to fill the bathtub with cold water, heat it, and wait until it got to a moderate temperature. If they failed to check it, the bathtub water became too hot. But now, it is very easy; all I have to do is push one button. Then the bathtub system says, "I'm going to prepare the hot water", "The bathtub is going to be ready in a few minutes", and "The bathtub is ready now. Enjoy it." I think it's very easy, but I'm not sure if it is really necessary.

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