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November 19, 2004



In most restaurants in Japan, we get a receipt at the same time as the dishes arrive. I think this is a very rational way for both customers and the waiters and waitresses of the restaurants. The customers don't need to wait long for the receipt and the restaurants can save time. This way of getting a receipt was so natural for me that I was often irritated in restaurants in Vancouver where I had to wait a very long time just for the receipt after finishing my dishes. I think the Japanese style was made from the necessity of saving space and time, that is, as you know in Japan, the space is so precious that there aren't enough seats in many restaurants and they have to save seats by reducing the time occupied by each customer. On the other hand in Canada, there are vast spaces and they don't have to save it in most cases. Just as I was irritated in Canada, Canadians might feel hurried in Japan.

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