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November 18, 2004



In Japan, the weather mostly changes by the week. If it was rainy last weekend, it is possibly going to be rainy this weekend, too. If you were a student or a businessman who can only take a holiday on weekends and it was rainy last weekend, you have to spend a rainy weekend every week. About five years ago, I was addicted to riding motorcycles. As I had a permanent job every weekday at that time, I could only enjoy motorcycling on weekends. And unfortunately, I had a rainy weekend every week. I have never cursed the weather stronger than at that time. Now I'm not tied to a weekly schedule, I can enjoy motorcycling whenever I like. But I have backache and I don't like to ride on a bike for a long time. Life does not flow as I hoped.


I just got back from vacation rcnteely and for seven days I didn't turn my phone, checked email sparingly and didn't bring a camera. I was travelling with two other people and they did the same. I was asked repeatedly for pictures when I got back which made me realize two things- we are too open with our private thoughts/memories. Facebook, twitter and blogs make us show off every aspect of our lives, including trips. I just saw a status update from one friend in the middle of the Amazon! Second, I think it also brings people together. I know that people want to see what I was up to, maybe to get a clearer sense of what I experienced. But having these private memories with only 2 other people makes us much closer. Our private jokes and funny encounters are only recorded in our minds. No iphone s needed.

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