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November 21, 2004



As you know, land values are very high in Tokyo, it causes a lot of problems and one of the largest ones is parking. There are quite a few cars in Tokyo, and the parking spaces are extremely limited. It is natural that half of two lane roads are occupied with illegal parked cars. There is so much illegal parking that the police cannot control it. We Japanese rarely buy parking tickets because we know that our illegal parking is not charged. And if we are fined for parking, we only curse the police and pay the fine reluctantly. When I came back to Tokyo last month, I found that illegal parking of bikes and motorcycles was strictly supervised around train stations. As I usually use motorcycles to move around in Tokyo, it is very embarrassing. I strongly feel that Tokyo is getting harder to live in.


I would hope that it's getting harder for selfish people like you. The elderly and disabled would appreciate it if you abided by the law and didn't cause a nuisance for others.


Hi,there.Wow,such lovely anlges you've got in there.Sorry I missed the show but I can see how fun it is to see your husband working at radio station.You know what?I've got many sisters and blessed with many nephews and nieces as well who are the sheer apple of my eye.As for me,well,I've been sort of like a lone wolf pretty much most of my life but hey solitude just won't kill me as long as I see your radient smile on your lovely face and such a beautiful photo of your lovely anlges.Thanks as always.

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