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November 11, 2004



Today I read a very tiny English book. It is so tiny and thin that even I could read it in just a half hour. It is a book about how to get what you want. The answer to the question is very simple and concise. It says that if you know what you want you can have it. In order to practice this idea, this book offers a very simple rule, that is to write down on paper the list of what you want in order of priority, and read the list three times every day. You can always maintain the list by deleting one item, addinga new one, or re-ordering it. By doing so, you can also think about what you want until you get it. Some people might think this idea is too simple and too easy, but I think it is true from my experiences. This world is full of happy things which we often overlook and if we can recognize and capture just a few of them, we become happy. The author uses the metaphor of tuning a radio. Happiness is like a radio broadcast which is flowing everywhere around us, and if we had a small radio and knew how to operate it, we could enjoy it. I think this is a very encouraging, tiny book.

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