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November 15, 2004



This is the toilet of my home in Tokyo. It has a control panel with some buttons. For what? Well, if I push them after passing stools a washing arm sticks out beneath my hips and washes my ass hole. It is a surprising experience. And furthermore, it has a function of a dryer. So, I don't need wiping with paper. It came to my home a few years ago, and I wasn't accustomed to it for months because I didn't like to soak my hips in a toilet. But now, I like it very much. This washing system is popular in Japan, and these days even at a public toilet, we can find it while I have never seen this Washlet in other countries. I hear that more than one third of Japanese have piles and that makes this system popular in Japan.


Hi!! how r u doing on the japanese hightech toilet??
are u Japanese? or where r u from? I have one of those kind toilet and i use washlet after takin S*** lol. But I use paper. Dont u feel something weired wihtou waping ur ass?

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