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October 18, 2004



Different from wine or umeboshi, in hi-tech goods such as digital cameras, computers, and so on, the newer ones are the better ones. But this law does not always suit computer software. New software has surely a lot of new, attractive functioins, but it also has more bugs and it requires more powerful CPU power. In most product software, programers are repeatedly bug fixing even after the product has been released. So, software is generally most stable on the eve of it's major up-version. Besides, we can get the mature product at a lower price just before the newer version comes out. I regret to have bought the latest version of a graphic software, which is full of bugs and runs more slowly, and which I removed an hour after the first installation.


was the software Adobe CS Suite? Please let me know as I'm about to install that!!

Thank you


Don't worry. The story wasn't about Adobe CS Suite.

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