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October 26, 2004



I will be in an airplane at this time tomorrow, so this is my last diary entry from Vancouver this year. Unfortunately it was rainy today and I couldn't ride my bicycle or sail. I went to Sivercity Riverport, which is a large theater in Richmond. It has about 20 theaters within a large, flat building. As it was a weekday and raining hard, there were few people in the building. I chose "Team America" as my last film in Vancouver. It is a brand new and popular puppet play. But unbelievably there was no one except me in the large theater room. I felt lucky because it was literally my private theater! But half way through the film, I felt something strange; no one was laughing at the funny scenes. It isn't like a theater. The space and the screen of the theater is too large for one person, and I felt a bit lonely.

Anyway, the film itself was very bad but very funny; ironical comedy. I couldn't count the number of f-words, violent scenes, and sexual expressions in it. If real actors and actresses played the same parts, this film would be prohibited in most theaters, but all the actors and actresses are marionettes, and that allows the film to be ultimately abandoned.

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