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October 29, 2004



When I come back to Tokyo, I stay at my parents' house where I had been living for more than twenty years. Of course this house has lifelines such as water, gas, power, and telephone, but it has no high-speed Internet. And my laptop PC which I brought from Vancouver had some problems with networking. So I couldn't connect to the Internet for one day even by dialing-up, and I was struggling with the problem on my PC. Fortunately and finally I found the cause of the problem and treated it successfully. It was the security software that caused the problem. The problem was not solved until I uninstalled the security software. So it took a long time and I was very tired. Anyway, while I couldn't connect to the Internet I felt lonely and it was very inconvenient. I really feel that the Internet is almost a lifeline for me. Though I can now have a dial-up connection to the Internet, it is still inconvenient and I miss the high-speed Internet. I have to wait for more than a few days until ADSL comes to my house.

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