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October 25, 2004



My boat was on fire yesterday morning. I didn't know anything about it until late last night when Bob, the instructor of my sailing school, called me. Fortunately the fire was very small and the damage was just a foot of electric cable. But the cable was in the cockpit locker where 20 liters of gasoline was stored. If my friend Dai hadn't seen the smoke rising up from my boat, it would have been burnt out or in the worst case scenario, some of the boats near mine would have been burnt up. It's terrible and horrible. The cause of the fire was a short circit in the cable between the generator and the battery, which I fully charged a few weeks ago. The cable was too old and had scars in some parts, and that would have sparked. The rain and the moisture in the locker might have helped the blowout. I did nothing about my boat for more than one week, but that was the problem. Boats require constant care. So, today I changed the old cable for a new one and took off the cable from the battery. I think the boat is like a child crying and warning me when I leave her for a few months.

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