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October 29, 2004




On my first day in Tokyo, I went to a barbers near my house. There are two kinds of barbers I often go to in Tokyo. The one is a traditional Japanese type with full service, which includes not only cutting hair but also shaving, washing hair, and massage. The other type is a new one called "American style". I'm not sure this is really an American style. This type is very simple and resembles the barbers in Vancouver which includes only hair cutting. It takes only 10 minutes and at the end of this treatment the barber vacumes my head to clean the waste hairs. The traditional type costs about 3,500 yen and the new type is only 1,000 yen including tax. Of course I prefer the traditional type but this time I chose the cheap one. As we have no tipping, I think this is cheaper than in Vancouver.

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