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September 19, 2004


Kathy Hand

That would be 9 degrees CELSIUS, of course! For those of us who refuse to speak metric, that would be about 50 or so degrees fahrenheit, right?

I'm glad to hear that the swans are just sleeping. I was worried for a minute that you had a crazy swan killer running loose in Stanley Park!



Yes, you're almost right. According to the formula(F=(9/5)C+32), 9C is 48.2F. It's rather cold. Anyway, swans sleep like this, folding their necks into their wing, they look like headless body.


This morning when I was cycling, I found these white objects at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park. They are swans. Although they might look dead, they are just deadly tired and sleeping. They have arrived here from some northern areas. They are supposed to stay in Vancouver over the winter. That means that winter is coming soon in Vancouver! It was 9 degrees this morning. There are few people who wear short sleeved clothes. Winter is gradually coming!

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