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September 03, 2004



I often go to bookstores for pleasure and to improve my English. Chapters in downtown Vancouver is one of my favorite bookstores because it is very spacious. It is so comfortable with nice sofas, that I sometimes stay there more than three hours reading books and magazines. I think the price of books is expensive in Canada. I don't know the exact reason for that, but most books are written in the U.S. with two prices printed on them; one in US dollars and the other in Canadian dollars. If one price is US$50, the other price is CAN$75! So I pick up several books which seem to be interesting, sit on the sofa with them, and enjoy reading them for free. I think this place is much better than the public library because there are many brand new books and magazines there. And furthermore, there is a Starbucks inside every store. It's amazing!

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