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September 01, 2004



"The Princess Diaries 2" which I saw at Tinseltown tonight was great. It is of course the sequel to "The Princess Diaries". Princess Mia, who was an American highschool girl in the last film, has grown up to graduate from college in the U.S. and has come back to her country, Genova. According to the ancient law of Genova, The Princess has to be married, and she tries to marry before her coronation ceremony which is to be held 30 days later. She tries to get married to the gentleman whom her grandmother found. Though she likes him, she doesn't feel any passion for him. And she has another boy friend with whom she feels something like passion, but she isn't sure whether that is love or not. And at last, the day of the ceremony comes, and she makes one great decision. This movie is much better than the last one because Mia has grown up and become much cuter. The only thing I am sorry about is that "The Princess Diaries 3" cannot be produced because of the title; At the end of this movie, Mia has become The Queen!

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