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August 22, 2004


Gordon  Krantz

Have you tried one of those curved othropaedic pillows? Using the mouse left handed?


Thank you for your advice. To tell the truth, until two years ago, when I was working incredibly hard against a computer display in Japan, I had pain in my neck. And TEMPUR's pillow helped me very much. But this time, it doesn't work.


The last two days, I have been fine without any backpain. But today it is raining and my backpain has come back again. I'm not sure why the backpain is related to the weather. It may be that either the low pressure or the high humidity or both of them influence the complex texture of my back. In any case, in Vancouver, the rainy autumn season is coming soon, and the weather forcast says that it is going to be raining for the next 5 days. Does it mean that my backpain is getting worse? I can't believe it! I haven't completely enjoyed this summer yet. The backpain is messing up my summer plans. I am a little bit impatient about this situation.

Gordon Krantz

Yes, well I suppose there are a whole host of things which can affect your back. I've discovered that my left leg is longer than my right leg, which means that my lower right back muscles become sore, because of the imbalance. However I would say that gentle stretching, core strength work, light exercise and massage is the best tonic for any sore back. I would say that if I really wanted to stop my back pain or stiffness, I'd stop using a computer, and I don't think that is likely, unfortunently!

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