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August 16, 2004



I bought my car as soon as I came to Vancouver. It was the first time that I have bought a car. I paid only $800 for the car. It is very filthy and even smells bad because the ex-owner was taking her dog in it. It has a lot of scratches and dents, and the seat is bitten by the naughty dog. But I don't mind all these defects because it runs better than the cost I paid for it. I have been to Victoria, Seattle, and other places in my car. As I have no special feeling like love for my car, I have never cleaned it. So, it has layers of dust all over the body and windows. This is the picture of the rear window of my car on which my friend drew a cat. This drawing is very useful when I look for my car in a large parking lot.


That inh'tsgis perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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