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August 13, 2004



We have iced coffee in Texas, maybe because it's so hot here. When I make it at home, my favorite iced coffee trick is to pour coffee in an extra ice cube tray and freeze it. Then when I want iced coffee I just put the coffee cubes in hot, sweetened coffee. That way it doesn't get weak and watered down.


It's a great idea to make iced coffee cubes. In Japan we have a special product named "light cube". ( http://www4.plala.or.jp/tsuruda-s/litecubes.html ) It is a plastic cube which contains cold insulator and LED(Light-Emitting Diode). We use it to cool coffee or beer. But I think iced coffee cubes are simpler and greater.


Iced coffee is a very popular beverage in Japan. In Japan, every cafe has iced coffee on its menu and every coffee shop sells special coffee beans for iced coffee, which are roasted darker and taste more bitter. I like iced coffee and I often orde it even in winter when I am in Japan. But in Canada or North America, I can't find iced cofee on the menu of any cafe or coffee shop. Although they have iced tea on their menu they don't have iced coffee. So, I have to make iced coffee in my room; just drip coffee into a glass filled with ice cubes. I wonder why North American people don't have iced coffee.

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Hi, I found your site searching for information on different brands of Japanese iced coffee. I was in Tokyo last spring, and I really liked that you could get pre-made cups of iced coffee in convenience stores like am/pm. Here in Massachusetts (in the northeast USA), you can order iced coffee at stores like Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks (I bet they have a lot of those in Vancouver). And Seattle's Best Coffee or Peet's would have it. Also, some places have it on the menu as "iced latte," where they already add milk to it. I hope you find some!


Thank you for the information about iced coffee at Starbucks. I know "iced latte", but it is different from the iced coffee in Japan; it is a little bit more bitter and usuallay served as black iced coffee. So, I enjoyed three kinds of tastes at one glass of iced coffee; at first as a black coffee, then as a sweet coffee adding syrup or sugar, and finally as an "iced latte" with some milk.


Yup, you can order coffee anyway you like at Starbucks. When I went to university in Canada during the summer, I always request ice with my coffee. You can chose the type of coffee you wish to have with ice. One iced coffee drink I'd recommend is "iced caramel macchiato". It's a very very popular starbucks drink! (macchiato is pronounced ma-key-a-toe)


In the Western world, Yes. Reason behind that name, is that Nissan wtenad their western market to be distant from them, so if they didn't sell well and datsun went bust, Nissan could just cut ties with them.And yes, datsun did have a skyline. It was called the 120Y in the western world. Its the same chassis as the skyline 2000, but didn't have the same engine.


Imsrvpsiee brain power at work! Great answer!

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