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August 19, 2004



Because of the persistent backpain, instead of sailing or cycling, I stayed in my room and watched "Dancing dragnet" on DVD. This was one of the smash hit movies in Japan last year and I got the pirate edition of it in a chinese mall. It is a comical story about a police station in a new town in Tokyo and it takes up the problem of bureaucratic organization in Japan. I think it is well directed and full of funny scenes, but I couldn't really enjoy it. Though I cannot explain it well, I felt somewhat out of place with the movie. It is true that this movie describes Japanese society right now, so it might be concluded that not the movie itself but I, am out of place! As many years have passed since I escaped from the bureaucratic organization in Japan, the problems which this movie deals with have become inconsequential to me. And for that reason, I couldn't feel any sympathy for the main theme of this movie.

踊る大捜査線 THE MOVIE 2...

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