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August 15, 2004



I learned chess a few months ago. I also know how to play shogi and go. I think chess is the simplest of these board games. One reason is the space of the field; chess has only 8x8 fields while shogi has 9x9 and igo has 19x19. The other reason which makes chess simple is that it doesn't allow the player to recycle the pieces which were once lost. Now I like chess best because one game finishes in a shorter space of time than shogi and go. I love the sense of speed of chess especially in the end game. I sometimes play chess with my small computer and I am always beaten in ten minutes. This is not because I am weak but because it is so simple that a computer can easily calculate the best moves. I hear that the world champion of chess was beaten by a computer.


I coach at a small private scoohl. I have a good skill set among this year's team to run a DDM style offense. The problem is, ours is a lower level of small scoohl basketball. Literally 3/4 of the teams we face can be expected to play zone defense against us. (Most of them will be running a 2-3, Syracuse style zone.) Without understanding a whole lot about different entries into DDM against zone yet, am I asking to be frustrated by running it against so much zone? Will teams effectively adjust seeing the same types of entries so often? Or, will there be few answers if we are more athletic, and our post man is very athletic and dominant at the rim?


Deadly accurate answer. You've hit the bluselye!

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