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July 21, 2004



Wallace Island is one of the small but famous islands in the Gulf Islands. I stayed there on the first and last night of this cruise. As the entrance of the cove faces towards the west, I saw a spectacular sunset. The surface of the sea is like a mirror and reflects the sky at sunset. The scenery is like a dream. This time of course I could enjoy the scenic beauty, but it was so beautiful that I forgot to take a picture of it. (This picture is the one which I took last summer.) I enjoyed the changes in the colors of the sky and the sea. Even after it got dark at about 10 pm, I could see numerous stars and some shooting stars. Moreover, I could also enjoy a number of luminous insects in the water, which glimmer like fireflies. As they emit light as a reaction to vibration, I was stirring the sea water for a long time in the midnight hours in the cove. I heard once that if we sail at midnight and dolphins come near, their tracks glimmer like a pathway. I wish someday I could see such a scene.

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