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July 08, 2004



Tuesday is movie day in Vancouver, and we can watch most films at low prices. So yesterday I watched two films: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' by Michael Moore and 'The Notebook'.

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy '911'. I know Moore is a director who stands against the establishment and this time he is trying to prevent Bush being elected again. But I couldn't understand most episodes with my poor English skills. I felt lonely while watching this movie because everyone in the theater was laughing at the episodes and I couldn't understand them. As the film itself is full of ugly faces of politicians and some cruel scenes, it is boring if you can't understand the episodes.

On the other hand, I enjoyed 'The Notebook'. This is a love story and I'm not very interested in this of movie. But I watched it because it was highly rated on a web site and the scene of the big wheel was taken near my apartment. The pictures were very beautiful and the story was easy to understand, even for me! There were a lot of young girls in the theater and at the end of the movie, quite a few of them were sobbing. I was impressed more with them than the movie itself.

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