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July 22, 2004



A defective product
As I was a systems engineer in Japan, I am often asked advice about PC trouble by my friends in Vancouver. I think PC has become too popular while it is still far from being a perfect product. It can be closed down too easily by computer viruses or by incorrect operations. I know computer systems are too complex to be free from errors, but it is too defective in its construction. I think most computer systems, especially Windows, are too greedy in their functions. I think the best way to avoid this unhappy situation is by having a server side system. Users' computers just run web browser and all other functions are provided by server computers. In this way, users' computers can be simple and free from defects, and users are released from the operation of program installation or system repairing. In order to provide this system, a cheap and high speed Internet connection is necessary. And in some small countries like Japan or Korea, this infrastructure is already in place. So, I guess and hope that in the next decade these complex computer systems will have vanished and Windows will be a relic of the past.

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