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July 05, 2004



I got this video CD at a chinese shop in Richmond. It is a pirate edition of a Japanese TV program. If you purchase the original edition in Japan, you have to pay ten times as much. They probably recorded the TV program in Japan, added chinese subtitles, made copies somewhere, and are selling them in Richmond. I found some evidence of that; they include some captions of a weather warning in Japan. This is of course illeagal, but I can't criticize them because I enjoy watching it. It is true that it helps us Japanese who are living abroad and want to see Japanese TV programs. Anyway the Chinese people are happy because they can enjoy any TV programs and movies with Chinese subtitles at a very low price for pirated editions. And they are a little bit cheeky because this pirate video CD has a warning which says 'for private home use only. Any unauthorised copying, hiring, lending or public performance of this program is prohibited by law!'

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