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July 08, 2004



Tomorrow, I'm leaving for the Gulf Islands. I'm going sailing for a week. This is my first single-handed, overnight sail. I'm a little bit nervous because I met Doug yesterday. He said, 'I have just come back from the Gulf Islands. It was so gusty that the boat heeled more than 50 degrees and the engine took water and stopped.' He barely sailed back to Vancouver, and at the entrance to False Creek, he called the Coast Guard and let them tow his boat to the marina. I don't expect such a tough experience for my maiden voyage. Fortunately the weather forcast says it will be calm tomorrow, but anything can happen at sea. Anyway, I am dead tired because I was struggling all day long to prepare for the cruise. I have to go to bed now, and I hope I can happily come back next weekend and update this blog.

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