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July 07, 2004



This is my handheld GPS(Global Positioning System)which I use on my boat. It is a miraculous device which tells me where exactly I am, how long it takes to the destination, and when the sun sets today. It also has a simple world map and works as an easy chart navigation system. My sailing instructor used to say that we shouldn't depend on a GPS because it is a blackbox and it may get out of order anytime. Surely a GPS was unstable ten years ago, but nowadays it is very reliable, owing to the popularity of car navigation systems. I don't like the old method of navigation using compass, chart, and ruler because I get seasick in a rough sea. I'm going sailing to the Gulf Islands for a week after this weekend, and of course I will take this GPS with me.


So next time you have to tell the girl you are the GPS of my life (instead of the compass of my life) ^^
What can you do on the island?


All I can do on the island is drinking in a pub. This is the life of a sailor.

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