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July 25, 2004



Getting stuck
I got stuck in installing 'Windows'. I was asked by my friend to repair her friend's computer. It is three years old and has several problems like other old computers; it cannot be connected to the Internet, it only runs in 640x480 resolutions, and it is often stuck. After making a backup of the e-mail data I decided to reinstall Windows 2000. As you know, it takes at least 2 to 3 hours to finish setting up Windows perfectly. Though most problems have been solved the computer still can run only in 800x600 display mode. I now suspect that it has some hardware problems. Anyway I have already spent more than 6 hours on this job and I'm still stuck. I cannot throw it away because I was wined and dined last night! I can only hate the richest nerd in the world. What should I do next?

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