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July 28, 2004



Today I climbed up the mast of my boat to remove the half broken windex, which disturbed my sleep by making creaking noises on my last cruise. BJ, my ex-sailing instructor, helped me. Some large sailing boats have a ladder on their mast but my boat doesn't. So I had to use a special chair named a bousen chair. We set the chair at the end of the main halyard and drew it up with some blocks. As my boat is very old, I was scared that the mast head or some parts might be broken. The windex on the mast head, which was broken by strong winds or seaguls, was rusting and could not been removed with a screw driver. So I broke it off and threw it away into the water. Fortunately there was no accident, and I returned safely to terra firma! I don't want to climb up the mast any more. (This is the picture of a windex set on the mast head. I took this picture last year when I climbed up the mast of our school boat.)

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