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June 24, 2004



In Japan it is not so popular to cook hamburger at home. It was when I was an elementary school pupil that I had a hamburger at Macdonald's for the first time. I remember that I was very happy to eat such delicious food. Since then, I have had countless hamburgers, and my taste has become sensitive to hamburgers. I don't like Macdonald's anymore because of its taste. Until last year,while I was in Japan, my best hamburger shop was MOS, a hamburger franchise in Japan. But now in Canada, I found by far the best hamburger shop. It is Vera's burger shack, which has four shops in Vancouver. With its organic ingredients,such as thick beef patties, and its free choice flavour shots, I evaluate Vera's as the number one hamburger shop in the world.

Nong Vantha

Dear 0wn’m hamburger shop.
I’m living in Cambodia and I would like to tell you that I’m interesting a bout hamburger shop in my country. Many years a go there are a lot of people like to eat the hamburger at the shop and still gross every day. In my country there are two main city as Phnom Penh and Seam Reap that you can provide the service of hamburger shop. In the Seam reap city there are a lot of foreign tourist to visit the beautiful Ankor Wat and not yet a hamburger shop.
So if you have interest for investment any hamburger shop or detail info, please contact me by e-mail or phone 855 11 876 760.
Best regards.
Nong Vantha.


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