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June 26, 2004



Keep the cup!!! Buy a new one but keep the old one. What if a friend comes over and wants a cup of coffee? You can use your old, battle-scarred cup and your friend can use the new one.

Kathy Hand

Or you could use it as a planter. A tiny plant in a coffee cup could make a nice centerpiece for your table!


I think you should buy one but you should keep the old one too. You can recycle it if you want. You can make use of it as a case for ballpens or any little things..:>


My coffee cup has some scars and it looks dirty. I wonder whether I should keep using this old cup or throw it away and buy a new one. Of course wasting things is not good, but is it wise to keep using this old cup and to look at these dirty scars everytime I drink coffee? Economically speaking, a new cup will be less than $10 and if you divide the amount by the cost of my coffee drinking, it will cost less than one cent per day, so it is a good investment. But when I throw something away I feel I am doing something bad. The best way is that this cup be broken, but it is very strong. If you drop it, it won't break, it just gets even more scars.

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