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June 15, 2004



Today I made several photo albums on my blog site. They are mainly pictures of my travels in the last two years. I'm surprised to know that I visited so many places. I don't know what makes me travel here and there, and what I am looking for. But it's true that I am not even satisfied with what I am doing now. I need something that is more happy, wonderful and impressive. Am I greedy? I don't think so because everybody can wish for their own happiness. Everbody has the right to do what they want to do if it does not harm other people. Unfortunately most people in Japan and perhaps in all other countries have not realized this idea, and are doing things everyday that they don't want to do. I think everybody is dragged into their boring, everyday life just like me until a few years ago. Am I wrong? No, the majority is not always right!

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You have travelled to different places and yet you're not happy or satisfied with what you're doing. I guess happiness and satisfaction comes within us. It's a matter of contentment. For, it is not how much we have but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. There's nothing wrong with you and with what you're doing. The problem is that, when one day you'll find meaning in your actions. And yet you haven't find an answer. Take sometime to reflect. I believe reflection is an art that every man should allot within themselve. If they don't take time to reflect, to what purpose are they a man at all?(",)

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