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June 29, 2004



Good for you. You are safe. You should be careful next time..:)


Last evening I sailed to Point Atkinson single-handed, and on the way back home, I hit a log on the sea. I was very surprised to hear a large crash. Fortunately both the boat and I didn't have any damage, but in the worst case scenario I would have been killed. Though the hull of the boat is hard it's very thin,less than 1cm in thickness. If a log hit the boat directly at the corner,the hull could have a hole in it and the boat could easily sink. There are a lot of logs in the sea around the B.C. coast, and among them there are some so called 'deadheads',which means a log floating vertically in the sea and only the small,top part of it can be seen,like a head of a man looking over the sea. They are the most dangerous, even more dangerous than killer whales or sharks. We always have to be extra careful of them while sailing.

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