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June 13, 2004



Though I had no information about Garfield, this character seems to be popular among North American people. When the movie started and the theme music was played, a girl sitting in front of me started dancing on her seat. She was really enjoying this movie. So I could enjoy myself too. Garfield as you know is a funky, fat, lovely cartoon cat and in this movie he is a real CG character. He jumps around on the screen with real actors and animals. It is amazing. Though this movie is for kids,I totally enjoyed it. I love Garfield.

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It is often said that if you write a letter in the night, you should re-read it next morning before posting it. A letter written in the midnight is too emotional and dogmatic. I think this also goes for business planning. I have a small business plan which I got about three months ago. I am convinced that it is a nice plan, but I have been deliberately keeping it untouched for some time in order to cool it and ripen it. I have got a lot of ideas which have been rotten before any actions. But this time, this idea has never been rotten. So I have moved to the next phase. I can say nothing about this idea now, but I made some actions couple of these weeks and finished the feasibility study. I'm now coding. I have selected PHP & MySQL for the platform. Though I hate coding and am not good at programming, this excellent platform helps me a lot. The internet and some technologies around it help us to realize our idea easily. I appreciate that I am living in such a world full of convenience and potential.

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