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June 25, 2004



It's quiet true that waking up early in the morning is a matter of self-discipline without depending much on alarm clock..Our body can adjust to another phase if we try to..Likewise,waking up early..It's just a matter of habit...:>


These past several months, I wake up without using an alarm clock. As I don't need to go to work nor go to school, I wake up when I want to wake up. You may think I live an idle and irregular life, but my everyday life is not so irregular. I am leading rather a disciplined life. I usually wake up before six o'clock and after taking a light breakfast I go out for cycling if it isn't raining. One hour's cycling in Stanley Park makes me perfectly awake. After cycling I take a shower and I most like the moment when I get out of the shower room. When I was in Japan every morning, an alarm clock dragged me out of the world of dreams, and I went to the office half asleep. What a difference! I wish I could keep my present life forever.

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