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June 16, 2004



This is one of my most favorite films that I have seen in the last few months. Today I bought this DVD which has just come on sale. "50 FIRST DATES" is a romantic comedy set in Hawaii. A sailor falls in love with a woman, but she has one problem. She got into a terrible traffic accident one year ago and lost her short term memory at that time. It means that she remembers all the things before the accident but forgets everything after the accident while she is sleeping at night. So, she repeats and repeats the same day when the accident happened. It is her father's birthday and she goes shopping for a pineapple and takes lunch at the same restaurant every day. After about one year from the accident, the sailor meets her and he tries to be good friends with her or more than that! His idea and effort to help her are very funny but nice and full of love. And the last scene is very happy,especially for the sailor!

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