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May 25, 2004



"And I'm still jet-lagged after five days."

(You can re-construct that statement by saying:
"I have a jet-lagged for five days." or
"I'm experiencing jet-lagged for five
consecutive days.")

"I have a question about jet-lag."

(You can re-state it by saying: "I have a
question to ask for.")

"This is my third visit to Canada and
every time I got terribly jet-lagged.

(When you use a present tense in your
first sentence you have to be consistent
You also have to use present tense to the
next sentence or phrase. So it's wrong
when you say: "This is" then the phrase
followed you used "got" which is past tense
of the word "get".

(You can say: "This is my third visit in Canada
and I really have jet-lagged.")

"I have nerver got jet-lagged when I fly to west (from
Vancouver to Tokyo)."

("Again your mistake is present tense and past
tense word arrangement.")

(You can re-phrase it into: "I never have
jet-lagged when I fly to west (from Vancouver to Tokyo.")


I came back from Japan to Vancouver last Thursday. And I'm still jet-lagged after five days. I feel sleepy in the daytime and cannot sleep at night. The time difference between Tokyo and Vancouver is 16 hours and the sun does not set until 9pm here in Vancouver. It is very confusing.

I have a question about jet-lag. Why do I get jet-lagged more when I fly east than when I fly west? This is my third visit to Canada and every time I got terribly jet-lagged. I have never got jet-lagged when I fly west (from Vancouver to Tokyo).


Hello HappyLife-san,
I don't know if there is a biological or scientific reason for your one-way jet lag, but I have the same problem.

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