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May 26, 2004



That's reality. There are lot of people who are less fortunate. I try to understand them and even have the time reaching out to them way back in my highschool and college life. We used to have a program wherein we visited them and even comforted them. I know it's not easy to be like them. Good for us that we haven't experiencing the things that they've been suffering. I guess we can also find that kind of people in other countries not just here in the Philippines. But about the traffic situation I firmly agee to that. Although it's not quiet good to ask and ask money to other people especially to the traveler and particularly to foreign one. Sometimes we can't blame them if they're acting like that. Some had a valid reason for doing it so. Likewise, the uneducated and handicapped one. But for us who are privilege enough to enjoy the good things in life we should also learn to understand them. In fact I know no people here on earth wanted to experience the things they've been through. For there's always have a reason for everything. We only tend to know it in time.


Drivers' manners in the Philippines
A few weeks ago I went to Cebu Island in the Philippines and had very some very dangerous experiences. When I visit foreign countries I often rent a car and drive around the country by myself. This time I also intended to drive by myself but the staff of the travel agency prevented me from renting a car. I was discontent with her at that time but she was right. I used taxies instead of renting a car.

The traffic situation in the Philippines is incredibly bad. There are a lot of people walking on the narrow streets. They are not only walking but also living on the streets --- selling food, playing with children, washing their clothes, cooking, and begging money from travellers. And the streets are also filled with old cars which are running very fast through the streets. Drivers use horns very often to remove the people on the streets. It is like a war and according to the local guide, many people are killed by traffic accidents every day.

Of course the streets are narrow and have holes and few traffic signals, and also cars are old and not well maintained. I think the largest problem in the Philippines' traffic is the way people drive. They have to stop car racing, and take care of the pedestrians. It is important to spread the idea of priority on the streets. Pedestrians in the Philippines have the last priority now, but they should first priority instead of the car drivers.

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